Shooting BirdLife Capricornia

When the BirdLife Capricornia, a branch of the national BirdLife Australia, arrived on North Keppel Island the plan was clear, to conduct an island wide bird survey. This was the second survey undertaken by the group who acknowledge there are 100 birds identified...

29 June 2016
Death Valley_D716798

Desert profiles

Deserts in south west USA have a few things in common, they are interconnected, all have cactus, mostly, not all have sandy hills.

19 January 2016
_D726363 - A street view of Armenia and the people who live there.

The Apostolic Desciples

In the landlocked country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia is the small but old country of Armenia. Surrounded on all sides by a disparaging array of political doctrines, Armenia is the one country in the world that could be worried about both its geographical...

10 December 2013
Liz Lea - Short+Sweet Cabaret performs at the Canberra Theatre Centre Courtyard

That was Short+Sweet

You may have heard of cabaret before but what of burlesque cabaret? Imagine sultry divas mixed in a cocktail and served to the sound of music. You've got it. Welcome to Short+Sweet Cabaret. For four glittering stage-filled nights the Canberra set of Short+Sweet...

10 November 2013

East to west.

Booroowa, NSW. Photo © 2013 Steve Marshall In thirty years I have traveled Australia so extensively that I can recall at least four hundred images of Australian Post Offices. It was something that I was told to do by one of my mentors, Vic Urban, in...

1 October 2013
truckracers_150913_6555 - MRA Round 4 Wakefiled Park Goulburn. Photo Documentary © Steve Marshall

growing up in the fast lane

A young boy and his father take in the action behind the scene at Wakefield Park. Photo © Steve Marshall It's midday and the air is full of the sounds of race-day and a small boy walks through the pits with his father. There is little wonder what might...

15 September 2013
summernats - Canberra's Summernats are a car enthusiast's dream in Australia

in the summer of 09

they came in their thousands and took every advantage to get a good view, summernats09. Photo © Steve Marshal The temperature reached 41 degrees that summer as the sun beat down on the crowd who had only one thing on their minds. Summernat is a mob fair...

13 September 2013
A healthy wild dog on the outskirts of Innaminka. - The sheep industry has been decimated in the Blackall region in recent years, with the flock reduced...

dingo baiting: a 1913 solution

THE DINGO PLAGUE AT THARGOMINDAH.Mr. Arthur Temple Clerk writes: Sir,—<*> Having noticed in last issue that the Thargomindah district is suffering from a plague of dingoes doing much havoc among the stock m an old Northern pioneer pastoralist of...

9 September 2013
Documentary Havana CUBA - The Cubaneros live in a paradise but they are waiting for Castro

A Late Witness of the Revolution

Military personnel on duty during the New Years Eve 54th Celebrations of the Revolution. Filed: 1 January 2013 Photo © 2013 Steve Marshall Havana, CubaOne of the daily routines in Havana is to fire a canon to mark the revolution. Undertaken by...

8 September 2013
Cloud over salt flat - Strato cloud over salt flat near Quilpie QLD. Outback Australia Documentary © Steve Marshall

Shooting the breeze

Sunrise looking west, north of Quilpie, breeze from the nor-east. Photo Steve Marshall One of the inspirations when traveling is to stop, and shoot the breeze. I'm a slow traveler but strangely I don't hang around in one location for too long. On average...

27 August 2013