Opening BIFB13-Erika Diettes images_140813_2581 - Documentry © Steve Marshall

Australia's great Foto Biennale

I made it! Not sure how exactly, except that a long drive from Cloncurry to Ballarat is about five days with a few picture stops. There was no time to mess around, I was heading for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale and there were three weeks left...

25 August 2013
Outback Australia Documentary - Outback Queensland, Australia Documentary © Steve Marshall

Shooting meaningful portraits

Travelling from outback Queensland to Ballarat is a short drive of five days and that's with overnight stops for a quick sleep and the odd portrait. So it stands to reason that Ballarat is worth travelling to for some reason and that reason is the Ballarat...

9 August 2013
Documentary Queensland - Bedourie gymkhana June 2013. Documentary travel © Steve Marshall

Shooting the Bedourie gymkhana

When the police officer told me I was not able to shoot behind the scenes at the Bedourie gymkhana I wondered when was it that police had the right to direct photographers where to shoot. I didn't respond to his request and continued to go about the environment. I'd...

3 July 2013