East to west.

1 October 2013

Booroowa, NSW. Photo © 2013 Steve Marshall

In thirty years I have traveled Australia so extensively that I can recall at least four hundred images of Australian Post Offices. It was something that I was told to do by one of my mentors, Vic Urban, in Alice Springs in the eighties. "Photograph every post office in the towns you travel through" he said. I have done so ever since.

That's been the story of my life really, photograph everywhere I've been and some more. Clients get a wide choice of images from my vast collection because often-times I have something they have been looking for. From as far afield as Docker Rive in the harsh outback of Central Australia, to Kakadu, Tasmania, Fremantle, Kununnara, Timber Creek, Mossman. Not that Mosman and yes, even Mosman.

I've photographed Cuba, Niagra Falls, Naples, Cambridge, nothing exotic but special just the same. In a way it's humbling to know you can travel here and there and shoot this and that. It's priceless really, to be able to.

It's a way of life and as someone said to me once, "You're not a photographer, you're an opportunist, all you photographers are opportunists". I have to agree.

So I take every opportunity to shoot, east to west, north to south because I can.

My next trip starts now, on the road for six weeks.


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