Cloud over salt flat - Strato cloud over salt flat near Quilpie QLD. Outback Australia Documentary © Steve Marshall

Shooting the breeze

27 August 2013

Sunrise looking west, north of Quilpie, breeze from the nor-east. Photo Steve Marshall

One of the inspirations when traveling is to stop, and shoot the breeze. I'm a slow traveler but strangely I don't hang around in one location for too long. On average a landscape can take a lifetime to find and there is less than a minute to shoot it. A minute, that's about all the patience I have to shoot a landscape, then I'm off again, looking for the next one to arrive.

Back in the car, drive, stop, shoot, again drive, stop, shoot, but something I notice every time is the breeze, there is almost always a breeze or a good wind. Conscientiously I don't shoot the breeze but it's there somewhere in those many landscapes. I drive on looking for another scene, stop. Sometimes it's not possible to stop so I shoot from the driving position without looking through the viewfinder.

Stony desert looking west, breeze from the north. Photo Steve Marshall

The Australian landscape might seem boring to an unseasoned viewer and often I've heard the phrase, "but there's noting there". To others it's a beauty so vast it's so impossible to comprehend. Maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by wild, uninterrupted horizons a thousand of miles from any coastline.

Is that why I keep going back? What draws me to these seemingly empty spaces? Whatever it is, whenever I stand in a vast landscape I think to myself, 'where's the breeze coming from'?

My agent once told me, "You should shoot landscapes Marshall, you intuitively know that space so well."

Maybe I should.

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