truckracers_150913_6555 - MRA Round 4 Wakefiled Park Goulburn. Photo Documentary © Steve Marshall

growing up in the fast lane

15 September 2013

A young boy and his father take in the action behind the scene at Wakefield Park. Photo © Steve Marshall

It's midday and the air is full of the sounds of race-day and a small boy walks through the pits with his father. There is little wonder what might be on his mind. As you look around you can see the dreams of many a boy that have now become a way of life, roaring engines and smoke filled workshops attest to those once small dreams.

Cars and trucks line up for two days to get a chance to test their endurance and dreams, some are crashed on the circuit and others don't make it to the podium but on they go, coming back for the next, and the next race. Following the dream. It's not all about winning but being there, competing, fulfilling that long held dream.

After-all they, too, were little boys ... once upon a time ...


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